Create Data Gathering Mobile Apps in Minutes

There are many app building platforms available but if your niche is data gathering then dataplug is one of the best among them.
Dataplug is an open source application development platform, by simple drag and drop method every one can create an efficient application in just 5 to 10 minutes.The newly developed apps are highly dynamic.
Dataplug platform is developed by researchers from ITU information technology university funded by UK aid and world bank.
Visit official website of DataPlug Platform to start creating mobile apps.

Why and How to Root Voice Xtreme V70

Rooting your Voice Xtreme V70 might seem like a difficult task,but I’ll show you how to make it as easy as possible.
Rooting your Xtreme V70 enables you to use the superuser, or root permissions of the Linux-based Android OS. This gives you and apps that take advantage of the root permissions more control over the Android operating system and your Xtreme device.
Before rooting,you should understand the risk of voiding your V70 warranty. However, rooting process can be easily reverted. Additionally, if the rooting process doesn’t complete correctly it could damage the software.
Following is the simplest and painless process of rooting xtreme V70.

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Youm e Fateh-Makkah Mubarak

Youm e Fateh-Makkah Mubarak

Aik Azeem kamyabi jo mery Aaqa (Alay Hissalaam) ne bahut takleef k bad hasil ki but aj muslims is din se zyada Valentine Day per khush hoty hen.16 Ramadan khamoshi se guzr jata he awr 14 february ko puri dunya ko muslims mubarkbad dety nai thakta.
~Meri tarf se Tamam Muslims ko Youm e Fateh MAKKA Mubarak Ho

Donate your Computing Power

Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC)
Boinc is an open-source software for volunteer computing and grid computing.  Use the idle time on your computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac) to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other kinds of scientific research. It’s safe, secure, and easy. Boinc is a useful platform for distributed applications in areas as diverse as mathematics, medicine, molecular biology, astrophysics, chemistry and climatology. The intent of BOINC is to make it possible for researchers to tap into the enormous processing power of personal computers around the world.There are over 40 projects currently listed, of which about half yield published reports.

Download and run BOINC software. Choose projects for which you want to participate. please join ‘University of Peshawar team’ on the projects in which you participate.

Rabi ul Awwal Mubarak

Zra sa muskura dena k mre NABI ka Milaad  aa rha hai,

Gile shikwe bhula dena k mre NABI ka Milaad aa rha hai,

Khfa hona khfa krna ksi ko b acha nhi lgta,

Dua lena dua dena k mre NABI ka Milaad aa rha hai,

Ksi se b shikayat ho use ja kar yhi kehna,

Nhi tumse juda rehna k mre NABI ka Milaad aa rha hai,

Mohabbat bantna sub se,gle sub ko laga lena,

Yhi hai bus mra kehna k mre NABI ka Milaad aa rha hai,

Sub ko khushi dena k mre NABI ka Milaad aa rha ha… WELCOME! MARHABA RABI UL AWWAL.

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